Instrumentation and Electronics Calibration

Dimensional Gages Calibration

Electrical & Electronic Calibration Services:

Precision Scales Inc provides rapid and precise electrical / electronic calibration services for general purpose electrical and electronic test, measurement, and control instruments. Our flexible service allows us to per-form repairs and calibrations on-site at your location or in our facility. We handle electronics and instruments from analog meters to function generators, oscilloscopes, and Wattmeters – from all leading manufacturers such as Fluke, Extech, Tektronix, Altek, and Red Lion.

The full spectrum of our electronic calibration capabilities include:

AC/DC Calibrator, Ammeter, Amp/Volt Meter, Amplitude of Signal, Analog/Electronic Timers, Audio Meter, Benchtop Multimeter, Break Down Tester, Capacitance Meter, Chart Recorder, Conductivity/Resistivity Meters, Counter, Current (Clamp) Meter, Current Probe, Current Shunt, Data Acquisition Unit, Data Resistance Box, Datalogger, Decade Resistance Box, Delayed Sweeps, Digital (DMM) & Analog Multimeter, Documenting Process Calibrator, ESD Tester, Earth Ground Meter, Electronic Loads, Frequency Counter, Frequency Generator, Function Generator, Ground Bond Tester, Hi-Pots, High Voltage Probe, Hipot Tester, Insulation Tester, LCR Meter, Laser Level, Light Meter, Logic Analyzer, Loop Calibrator, Mega Ohm Meter, Megger, Megohmmeter/Insulation Tester, Micro Meter, Multifunction Calibrator, Ohmmeter/Micro-Ohmmeter, Oscilloscope, Panel Meter, Photo Tachometer, Power Control Meter, Power Quality Meter, Power/Wattmeter, RCL Meter, RTD, Radiometer, Rectifier, Scope Meter, Solder Station, Sound Calibrator, Sound Level Meter, Static Meter, Stop Watch
Instrument calibration is an essential and important part of any instrument system. The accuracy and reliability of the information made by any instrument are reliant on it. Frequent calibration of your instrument is critical to using reference according to known standards including industrial processes. Conscious of your business’ reliance on state-of-the-art technology and more appropriate and precise measurement and calibration, Precision Scales Inc comes up to you as your “Sole Source Solution” for your instrument calibration requirements.

Precision Scales Inc has a managed laboratory manned by skilled techs ready to support and service your instrumentation needs. We provide acceptance testing, calibration service, repair and replacement of equipment, instrumentation, and standards used for a broad scope of measurement. Not alone are our technicians properly trained and knowledgeable about process instrumentation in a variety of manufacturing environments – additionally we invest time to recognize potential issues your calibration program could be experiencing, dealing with your company to resolve them in an efficient method.

Whether you’re considering meeting compliance needs, production needs, or both, Precision Scales Inc is right here to provide professional, personalized service intended to help your company’s calibration program run as efficiently as possible. Our calibration process services include:

Process, Manufacturing and utility instrument calibrations

Troubleshooting, cause analysis and resolution

Temperature mapping

Process instrumentation for temperature devices, pressure devices, humidity devices, electronic devices and more

Our electronics calibration service standards are specifically traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and our calibration service and test procedures match the highest standards of government and industry. With Precision Scales Inc, you get the benefit of the most successful and up-to-date instrument calibration and repair services; having the ability to tailor solutions for both small and large organizations. Together with Calibration Management, your instruments will be automatically recalled when calibration is due.