0.001g BP Series Precision Balance

BP Series Precision Balance Key Features

  • Capacities: 500g/720g/1000g/1200g
  • Readability: 0.001g
  • Reads in: g, ct, oz, lb, dwt, oz t, GN, taels (HK, Singapore, R.O.C.), mommes.
  • Applications: part counting, below balance weighing, checkweighing, density (as an option, note: counting is disabled)
  • User Friendly Menu
  • Large, Easy to Read LCD Display with Backlight
  • Below Balance Weighing
  • RS 232 Configurable Interface
  • Prints GLP Format
  • Force Restoration Mechanism

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use keyboard arrangement and menu – makes training and operation simple, reducing mistakes
  • Alpha-numeric display – easy to understand menu navigation
  • Tactile keypad – positive feedback allows for precise entry of information
  • Waterproof keyboard – protects against damage to electronic components
  • Adjustable environmental filter settings (5 levels) – can adjust the balance response to differing environmental conditions for more controlled results
  • Multiple weighing units (11 units) – allows flexibility of weighing across many disciplines
  • Parts counting function – allows accurate counting of components and small parts (can be enabled / disabled)
  • RS 232 bidirectional serial interface – user selectable for printer or computer – allows communication with peripheral data collection and printing instruments
  • Selectable baud rate – allows connection to different data collection devices
  • One key calibration function – calibration is simple, ensuring that the balance will be calibrated often during use
  • Auto zero can be enabled / disabled – applications such as evaporation can be accomodated
  • 100% subtractive tare – enables the weight of containers to be ignored
  • Large, bright backlit display – easy to read in all lighting conditions including bright sunlight
  • Adjustable feet / spirit level – the balance remains level for accurate results even on uneven working surfaces
  • Below balance weighing – allows for easy weighing of bulky items
  • Density function (optional) – allows for easy calculation of density
  • In use dust cover – protects the balance against spillage or contamination.


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0.001g BP Series Precision Balance