670 Portable Barrel Scales

The 670 model series features a single-ended(670-SR)or double-end ramps(670-DR) portable floor barrel scale specifically designed for heavy-duty chemical, industrial, and various other application weighing.

  • 670-SR Model: One built-In front load 9″ ramp with rear bumper rail
  • 670-DR Model: Two built-in side load 9″ ramp
  • Structural tubular steel construction.
  • Anti-skid diamond plate deck with eyebolt holes.
  • 40″ indicator column with mounting plate
  • 100% End loading capacity.
  • 150% Overload Protection.
  • 4 Internally mounted, Environmentally protected, NTEP certified-5000 Division Class III/IIIL, IP 67 water-resistant rated load cells.
  • 10-foot indicator cable Compatible with most digital weight indicators.
  • Shielded load cell and indicator cables.
  • Low profile (1.5” above the floor).
  • Live side rails to weigh oversized loads.
  • Top access scale adjustment handles.
  • Cast iron 4” wheels, with roller bearings and grease fittings.




  • Smooth carbon steel deck plate with eyebolt holes.
  • Column mounted NEMA 4 junction box (available in stainless steel, plastic, and “FM” approved).
  • Plastic wheel with roller bearings and grease fittings.
  • “FM” approved junction box (available for column mounted NEMA 4x junction box only).


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670 Portable Barrel Scales