Cambridge Large Capacity Crane Scale


• Shipping/Receiving

• Work-In Process

• Hot Metal Applications

• Steel Service Center

• Anywhere an overhead crane is used and a weight reading is desired of the material(s) lifted.

Standard Features Include:

• Capacities: 80,000 lbs to 150,000 lbs.

• Accuracy: 0.1% of the applied load

• Overload Indication: 105% of the rated capacity

• Display: 1.5” High Visibility Red LED Display

• Power:12V Rechargeable Battery

(Charger included)

• Operating Time:40 Hours Between Charges

• Enclosure: 1/4-Inch Steel Enclosure

• Safe Overload: 150% of Rated Capacity

• Ultimate Overload: 500% of Rated Capacity (Breaking Strength)

• Calibration: Digital

• Mating Hardware: Top Shackle & Bottom Hook

• Meter Function: On/Off, Zero, LB/KG,

• Gross/Net, Tare, Print

• Handheld Remote: Zero, LB/KG,

• Gross/Net,Tare, Print


• AC Power Supply –120VAC (We provide the connection – customer provides cabling)

• Headroom Loss Adapter? Provides minimum headroom loss

• Headroom Loss Adapter Nut

• Mated to Optional Headroom Loss Adapter

Radio Frequency Link :

• Transmitter is mounted on crane scale
• Receiver has (2) Options:
(a) Desk Mount Receiver with Display plus a RS232 port for computer or scoreboard interface
(b) Handheld Receiver with Display

• Scoreboard Displays: 4” or 6” LED

• Heat Protection Package for Foundry Applications

• 1/4” Heat Plate with Deflectors
• Insulated 1/4” Heat Plate with Deflectors
• Insulated 1/4” Heat Plate Surround

** All Heat Protection Packages Include Infrared Glass Lens**

• 110 VAC / 12 VDC Dry Contact Set Point (Normally Open or Normally Closed)

• Crane Overload Alarm & Shutdown System

• Spare Battery Pack

• Custom Software and Hardware Devices to meet your application requirements.


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Cambridge Large Capacity Crane Scale