Center of Gravity System

Center of Gravity System is a high performance, cost-effective means of automatically finding and monitoring the center of gravity for any load capacity.

A proprietary, proven design is in use in a variety of applications including:

  • Balancing structures on ships
  • Balancing aircraft loads
  • Monitoring heavy, moving structures such as radio telescope antennas
  • Determining lifting points on large asymmetrical loads

Eliminating human error, the unit conveniently takes over the calculations for you, and immediately pinpoints and displays the center of gravity — in terms of distance coordinates from known reference points on your structure — for both lateral (side to side) and longitudinal (front to back) dimensions. Individual load cell weight readings are also displayed.

To enable a one-time, permanent setup for each load type (i.e., any load for which load cells remain in the same position), the unit stores multiple craft settings for convenient recall. The system is expandable from four low profile cells with base plates and a force acquisition/computational instrument.


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Center of Gravity System