LoadLink™ Plus Digital Dynamometer

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Straightpoint™ Loadlink™ Plus overviewKnown worldwide as the original electronic force measurement device to feature an integral display, the Load Link Plus has been in production since 1979. Over the years the line has been expanded and the Loadlink Plus is now used on a daily basis for load monitoring and heavy lifts ranging in capacity from 1 ton to 500 tons, by a variety of industrial and commercial industries to include manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, oil & gas, utilities, aerospace and clean energy.


• Under Hook Crane Weighing
• Wire Rope and Cable Tension Monitoring
• Heavy lift and Rigging Load Monitoring
• Aircraft Manufacturing  and Repair
• Structural Load Testing and Certification
• Crane and Hoist Calibration and  Proof Load Testing
• Water Weight Testing and Calibration
• Shipping & receiving weighing
• Manufacturing and Heavy Construction
• Event Staging and Rigging
• Off Shore Mooring Anchor Setting
• Bollard pull testing and Certification
• Escalator Comb Impact Testing

This latest version of the well-known product has advanced features and benefits providing solutions for todays complicated load test and force monitoring needs. The Loadlink Plus features full function push button controls for tare, choice of units (lbs., kg, kN, and tons), peak hold, preset tare, audible set-point alarm and an overload counter.The advanced microprocessor based electronics provide the Loadlink Plus with high speed read rates (500/sec), extreme resistance to industrial level noise and unprecedented stability. This high stability gives the Loadlink Plus over 5000 divisions and the highest standard resolution of any digital dynamometer on the market today. Constructed of high-grade 2024 aircraft quality aluminum, Straightpoints advanced internal design structure allows the product to once again top the charts with an unmatched weight to strength ratio. Straightpoint’s Link style dynamometers are on average 30% lighter than our closest competitor with the same safety rating.In all, the rugged lightweight design, corrosion resistant finish, advanced electronics and full feature display make the Loadlink Plus a force to reckon with in the force measurement arena.



Handheld Plus | Load Cell Instrumentation
Fully featured handheld display for all non-radio Straightpoint loadlink load cell (dynamometer) and crane scale products.Our hanndheld plus can also be connected to any other manufacturers load cell products.
Handheld Plus features & benefits:
Push-button control
Tare, units (kg, lbs, kN and tonnes)
Peak hold
Preset tare
Audible setpoint alarm
Overload counter.

Datalogging Software SW-MWLC
The software for Windows PC’s allows up to 24 of our wireless loadcells (Radiolink or Wireless load shackles) to be viewed and logged cable free to a CSV. file. You can configure the number of loadcells (max24) and set extra channels to sum data for record peaks etc. These configurations can be saved and re-loaded at any time.


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LoadLink™ Plus Digital Dynamometer