MotoWeigh Checkweigher Conveyor Scale

MotoWeigh case weighers, checkweighers, conveyors, sorting systems and automatic labelers provide a family of products for both wet and dry applications in food, logistics, packaging, manufacturing, and warehousing. Systems are available in aluminum or stainless steel, severe wash-down or dry, NTEP Certified Legal-for-Trade or non-commercial applications. Each system is manufactured and configured to match a specific application, not adapted to fit from a collection of standard products. All systems use common components that are available from a variety of local sources. Open architecture ensures serviceability and expandability to meet future demands.

Single load cell design:

  • Stainless steel construction for washdown and harsh environment
  • Rigid frame with redundant overload stops
  • Custom size from 6″ to 36″ wide and 12″ to 60″ in length
  • Crowned Cover sheds water
  • Cross braced 1 1/2″ stainless steel tube frame for superior support and rigidity

 Solid UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) Weigh Bed:

  • Extremely durable
  • Minimizes vibration
  • Maximum belt support
  • Fewer moving parts enhance scale accuracy and product life

Delrin Wear Blocks:

  • Never requires lubrication
  • Never changes shape due to friction
  • Mitigates routine belt tension adjustments

 Conveyor Clean-Out System:

  • Spray Nozzles located at the end of each conveyor aimed at drive pulleys
  • Conveyor Sections are equipped with a “quick connect” coupling for water supply

 Speed & Accuracy:

  • From 0.005lbs at 10lbs to 0.1lbs at 200lbs
  • Non-NTEP units available in finer increments
  • Packages up to 100lbs at belts speeds of up to 380 feet per minute
  • Packages up to 200lbs at belt speeds of up to 200 feet per minute


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MotoWeigh Checkweigher Conveyor Scale