Onboard Legal for Trade Weighing System

Onboard scale systems help industry make the most efficient use of its time. If you can’t bring the product to the scale, we’ll bring the scale to the product. As an authorized Rice Lake dealer and service company, we design custom solutions for almost any conceivable need. Find on-board models for straight trucks, tractor trailers, and wheel loaders.


Maximize payload potential without the risk of overload
Avoid costly fines
Optimize equipment performance
Improve efficiency, safety, and awareness
Quick installation in as little as 8-20 man hours per truck
Affordable, return your investment in less than one year


Air Ride Systems: Make sure your rig is equipped with the very best in onboard weighing technology. Let us quote a system to your truck’s unique specifications.
Combination System: For 5th wheel tractor trailers using a combination of suspension types, we are ready to assist with the system that fits your needs.
Self-Contained & Kingpin Plate Systems: For leaf-spring trailers that require a self-contained weighing system, whether tandem or triaxle.
Fixed & Rigid Trucks: For trucks with standard spring suspension, an onboard scale system is created through straightforward load cell technology and an in-cab digital weight display.

About TradeRoute HL Onboard System Series:

TradeRoute works with many common straight-truck and trailer designs, but consult us here at the Precision Scales to see about your specific application as frame styles and axle configurations vary greatly. It uses a system of weigh modules that install around the truck frame. But what makes this system even more unique is the hydraulics. With TradeRoute, the load doesn’t rest on the load cells while the truck is in motion. TradeRoute can only be used while the vehicle is parked and the hydraulics engage the load cells. This prevents a lot of excess wear and tear on the load cells and greatly extends the life of your system.

TradeRoute systems include the weigh modules in addition to a stainless steel j-box, and a weatherproof control center that houses a 920i® indicator and Epson® TM-U295 ticket printer. By avoiding trips to a certified scale, imagine the driving time, fuel and vehicle wear savings from being able to buy and sell product directly to and from your payload. Then multiply that savings across an entire fleet of trucks. The 920i, customized for each application, records specific weight data from every stop and can then transmit that data back to a central office, eliminating a lot of paperwork and potential errors.

For a driver, knowing his or her truck weight at any given time can be critical. Like any onboard system, TradeRoute allows them to make the most of their capacity without going over, and avoid potential overload fines. Avoid a few of those tickets and an onboard system pays for itself pretty quickly.


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Onboard Legal for Trade Weighing System