PSI BW1000 Wheel bench scale

BW1000 Series bench scale is a heavy duty bench scale with capacity of 1000 lbs. It features a single point load cell which can provide great accuracy. Its heavy sturdy structure designed for heavy and harsh bench weighing applications. Most importantly, it comes with wheel casters that can make moving this bench scale a breeze. The wheels can be locked with a press of food so it does not move while weighing and can be unlocked when you need moving it to different locations. It comes with a rechargeable battery makes it more convenient to take it to various locations where there is no power or for any other applications.


Capacity 1000lbs x 0.1

Heavy-duty industrial design.

1 aluminum brick load cell.

304 stainless steel pole with indicator fixture.

Rugged diamond deck treadplate.

Removable deck plate for easy cleaning.

4 adjustable feet and casters with lock for portability.

Quick indicator connector.

PSI801NI indicator with serial output.

Package configured and calibrated with 10000 divisions


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PSI BW1000 Wheel bench scale