ST Ricelake low-profile truck scale


This Industrial portable truck scale is ideal for installation between silos, beneath hoppers, next to buildings, in areas with underground obstructions, or high water tables. The scale can be placed on a concrete slab, set on piers, or used as pit type truck scale.


Detailed Features:

  • 70′ x 10′ Portable Truck Scale.
  • Ricelake 720I Digital Indicator & Ticketing system
  • Designed with 10″ tall wide flange I-beam running longitudinally. The spacing of the I-beams is directly located under the truck tire path to increase longevity, strength, and durability.
  • The scale has heavy-duty diamond checkered steel safety floor plate.
  • Top access cover plates to all load cells, J-boxes, bolts, and side bump brackets make it easy and convenient for installation or maintenance.
  • The low-profile design is 14″ overal height with 3-1/2″ washout clearance.
  • The scale has a modular design that allows for easier future expansion and easier relocation.
  • Load cell stands and side bump brackets are anchored to the concrete foundation with expansion bolts after modules are aligned and bolted together allowing for perfect placement of scale.
  • Can be installed on concrete slab outside of the ground, in the ground or pit, or shallow pits, or flush with any surrounding surfaces.
  • The scale uses end bumper bolts that eliminate shocks found in designs that require check rods. This speeds installation and allows for easier scale adjustment.
  • DOuble parallel weldless end links and self-compensating swing link suspension with adjustable stand allow the deck to be self-centering, increasing accuracy and repeatability, and compensates for expansion/contraction of the scale deck due to temperature extremes.
  • To protect against moisture and rodents, all wirings are protected by 1″ thick plastic conduit, 3/4″ sealtite, and fiberglass J-boxes. Wiring between loadcell and J-Box is ran in factory installed conduit.
  • The summing boards have individual adjustment pots for each sectional position on all scales. Gaseous diodes are standard on all boards to provide electrical overload protection. A ground rod kit is also provided.
  • Highly accurate 60,000 lbs class IIIL double-ended shear beam load cells with 150% overload rating.
  • All surfaces are sandblasted to white metal, sprayed with rust inhibitive primer, then an acrylic enamel finish coat.
  • Manhole frame and cover
  • Custom paints
  • Side rails
  • Custom sizes
  • NTEP Certificate #98-204
  • Limited 5 years warranty


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ST Ricelake low-profile truck scale