Wireless Load Shackle Crane Scale

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Straightpoint Wireless™ Loadshackle™ 
The latest addition to the Straightpoint arsenal of tension & load monitoring products is the Radiolink Wireless Loadshackle. Offering lighter overall weight & reduced headroom the Straightpoint Wireless Loadshackle is perfect for tight applications. Our wireless Loadshackles are targeted at the digital dynamometer market and are used worldwide in heavy lift and rigging applications where headroom is a concern or where a more permanent load monitoring solution is called for. 


•    Under Hook Crane Weighing   
•    Wire Rope and Cable Tension Monitoring    
•    Heavy lift and Rigging Load Monitoring 
•    Aircraft Manufacturing and Repair    
•    Structural Load Testing and Certification    
•    Crane and Hoist Calibration and Proof Load Testing
•    Water Weight Testing and Calibration    
•    Shipping & receiving weighing    
•    Manufacturing and Heavy Construction
•    Event Staging and Rigging    
•    Off Shore Mooring Anchor Setting    
•    Bollard pull testing and Certification
•    Escalator Comb Impact Testing        

Straightpoint Wireless Loadshackles are manufactured from industry leading Crosby high carbon steel shackles, then equipped with Straightpoint’s advanced microprocessor controlled electronics giving them unrivalled resolution & accuracy. The electronics are housed in a rugged stainless steel enclosure, environmentally sealed to IP 67 standards and each Radiolink Wireless Loadshackle is supplied with a full function Straightpoint Wireless Handheld Receiver allowing full remote on/off of the loadcell, tare and peak hold functions, and also includes a programmable audible alarm.
Straightpoint’s wireless system provides high integrity, error free transmission of data via the latest in IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 Ghz) technology and a proprietary transport protocol, and  is unmatched in performance, capable of providing a license free transmission range of up to 800’.
A full array of wireless accessories are also available including several user friendly windows based software packages. These creative software solutions allow for the calculation of center of gravity, the ability to data log & print reports and allow the simultaneous display & monitoring of up to 24 Radiolink loadcells on a single PC screen.
When looking for a permanent, minimal headroom solution offering a full function wireless remote, unmatched resolution & accuracy, creative software solutions and the most advanced wireless system in the load monitoring industry today, one name always stands out, Straightpoint.


Wireless overload alarm module
Supplied with an audiovisual alarm, the SW-OAM can be
programmed to any Straightpoint wireless loadcell to
monitor loads. Then at a preset point the alarm will activate
and open or close a >240VAC, 5 amp relay. Ideal for use in a
wireless overload detection system. 110-240VAC.
Wireless base station with analogue output
Provides a configurable analog output for the range of
Straightpoint wireless loadcells and is housed in
IP67/NEMA4X housing for industrial installallation.
The output can be selected from the pre-calibrated voltage
and current ranges. 0-10Volts, ±10Volts,0-5Volts, ±5Volts,
0-20mA, 4-20mA. Useful for integrating with a PLC.
Serial output ASCII string module
This module generates a programmable RS232 serial
output ASCII string which can include data from up to 8
Straightpoint wireless loadcell as well as optionally sum
them. The output is suitable for connecting to many
devices that require simple serial RS232 input.
Desktop controller
Wireless Windows-based software that allows the
operator full remote control of the loadcell.
Can be set to datalog (time/date and load) into a
spreadsheet by user input time interval (min 3 hertz).
A spare USB port is required.
Multiple wireless load cell controller software
This software for Windows PC’s allows up to 24 of our
wireless loadcells to be viewed and logged cable free to
a CSV file. You can configure the number of loadcells
(max 24), and set extra channels to sum data or record
peaks etc.
These configurations can be saved and re-loaded at any time.
Wireless slave display
125mm/5″ high red LED slave display that will wirelessly
display the load on a Radiolink. Suitable for mounting on
a crane gantry, requires mains power. 110-240VAC.
Wireless signal booster
The SW signal booster module will enable the SW range
of wireless loadcells to span around obstacles or increase
range or coverage.


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Wireless Load Shackle Crane Scale